I am a postdoc in philosophy at Princeton University.

My work focuses on philosophy of mathematics, but I am also interested in general issues in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy and literature.


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My primary interest is in the use of notations and visualizations in contemporary mathematics, and in particular the epistemic roles of diagrams in mathematics. But I also have side projects on using modern topology to better understand Kant’s solution to the problem of incongruent counterparts, on the aesthetic dimensions of mathematics, on Montaigne’s conception of philosophy as a form of self-fashioning, and on Nietzsche’s conception of logic.


I defended my philosophy Ph.D. (“Epistemic Roles of Diagrams in Mathematics”) at Stanford University in November 2018. My committee was composed of Tom Ryckman, Michael Friedman, Krista Lawlor, and Marcus Giaquinto.  I also received a “Ph.D. Minor” in Philosophy and Literature, advised by R. Lanier Anderson.


Before that, I obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics (knot theory) in 2013 at the Technical University of Berlin under the supervision of John M. Sullivan. (And before that I wrote my Masters thesis in mathematics while studying at the University of Bologna and University of Paris 7.)


Contact me at: silviadt[at]princeton.edu