I am a postdoc in philosophy at Princeton University.

My work focuses on philosophy of mathematics, but I am also interested in general issues in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy and literature.


Here is my Philpeople Profile where you can find my publications.







I defended my philosophy Ph.D. (“Epistemic Roles of Diagrams in Mathematics”) at Stanford University in November 2018. My committee was composed of Tom Ryckman, Michael Friedman, Krista Lawlor, and Marcus Giaquinto.  I also received a “Ph.D. Minor” in Philosophy and Literature, advised by R. Lanier Anderson.


Before that, I obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics (knot theory) in 2013 at the Technical University of Berlin under the supervision of John M. Sullivan. (And before that I wrote my Masters thesis in mathematics while studying at the University of Bologna and University of Paris 7.)


Contact me at: silviadt[at]princeton.edu