I am a postdoc in philosophy at Princeton University.

My work focuses on philosophy of mathematics, but I am also interested in general issues in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy and literature.


Here is my Philpeople Profile where you can find my publications.

Contact me at: silvia.detoffoli[at]gmail.com










(30 December 2021)

My paper “Who’s Afraid of Mathematical Diagrams?” has been accepted for publication in Philosopher’s Imprint.

(25 December 2021)

My paper “What Are Mathematical Diagrams?” has been accepted for publication in Synthese.

(2 December 2021)

I won a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship for my project “Humanizing Mathematical Knowledge”! This grant is over €1 Million and will last for 5 years (Daily Nous announcement).


Here is a short description of my project:

I am the only philosopher among the 27 fellows of this year:

My host institution is Linköping University:


(August 2021)

I’ll write an entry on the epistemic role of diagrams and one on fallibilism in mathematics for the third edition of the Blackwell Companion to Epistemology (edited by Kurt Sylvan).