Philosophies of Mathematics in Dialogue – Princeton (20-21 May, 2023)— Organizer (with John Burgess)



Alan Baker (Swarthmore College)

Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame University)

Silvia De Toffoli (IUSS Pavia)

José Ferreirós (University of Seville)

Hartry Field (New York University)

Øystein Linnebo (University of Oslo)

Colin McLarty (Case Western Reserve University)

Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University)



John Burgess (Princeton University)

Jessica Carter (Aahrus University)

Michael Harris (Columbia University)

Keith Weber (Rutgers University)


The aim of this conference is to bring together philosophers of mathematics belonging to different traditions and to foster novel interactions.  In recent years, the philosophy of mathematical practice has gained momentum by producing significant results. Still, it remains somewhat estranged from other trends in the philosophy of mathematics. At this conference, we would like to create the possibility for a change in this situation. Here are some of the questions we will raise. Can results in the philosophy of mathematical practice be relevant to traditional metaphysical questions in the philosophy of mathematics?  Can technical results in logic or in the philosophy of logic be applied to epistemological questions suggested by the practice of mainstream mathematics?




XXV World Congress of Philosophy – Rome (August 1–8, 2024 ) Program Chair for Philosophy of Mathematics

The program is still TBD; I’ll be responsible for the sessions in the philosophy of mathematics.



Diagrams 2022 – Rome (September 14 –16, 2022)  — Program Committee

13th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams, to be held on September 14 –16, 2022 in Rome, Italy.

The program is still TBD; I’ll be part of the Program Committee.



6th International Meeting of the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (June, 30-July 3, 2021) — Organizing Committee


The meeting will be held as a Virtual Conference, through Zoom provided by Chapman University.

A title and abstract (250-500 words together with 2 or 3 keywords) should be submitted before 15 March 2021 via e-mail addressed to: Carmen Martinez Adame,

Keynote speakers

  • Laura Crosilla (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Orna Harari (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Dirk Schlimm (McGill University, Canada) TBA


Organizing Committee

  • Jessica Carter (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Silvia De Toffoli (Princeton University, USA)
  • Valeria Giardino (CNRS, France)
  • Carmen Martínez-Adame (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Marco Panza (CNRS, France & Chapman University, USA)
  • Dirk Schlimm (McGill University, Canada)


Scientific Committee

  • Carmen Martinez-Adame – Chair (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Valeria Giardino (CNRS, France)
  • Jemma Lorenat (Pitzer College, USA)
  • Marco Panza (CNRS, France & Chapman University, USA)
  • Gisele Secco (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil)


CANCELED! APRIL 2020 – Organization with John Burgess of: “The ‘End’ of Philosophy of Mathematics?,”  Conference at Princeton University, April 3-5, 2020


















AUGUST 2019 – Organization of a Society Symposium at the CLMPST 

Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice symposium, 16th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Prague 5-10 August, 2019


AUGUST 2018 – Organization of a Society Session at the World Congress for Philosophy 

APMP // Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice SOCIETY SESSION
XXIV World Congress of Philosophy, Beijing 13-20 August, 2018




Bernd Buldt // Purdue University (Fort Wayne)

Silvia De Toffoli // Stanford University

Danielle Macbeth // Haverford College

Colin McLarty // Case Western Reserve University

Cathy Legg // Deakin University


FEBRUARY 2018 – Organization with Becky Morris: Workshop on Mathematical Reasoning (Stanford University)

It will take place on: 9-10, Feb, 2018.

Details here.

flyer   flyer-program














OCTOBER 2017 – Organization: Workshop on Visualization in Mathematics (part of 4th international conference of the APMP, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil)

Organization of the Workshop: Varieties of visualization in mathematics, as part of the 4TH International conference of the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, October 23-27, 2017, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Speakers: Silvia De Toffoli (USA) / Javier Legris (Argentine) / Danielle Macbeth (USA)


-APMP-logo- Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice


FEBRUARY 2017 – Organization with Greg Priest and Paula Findlen: Tools of Reason: the Practice of Scientific Diagramming from Antiquity to the Present (Stanford University)

Organization of the Workshop: Tools of Reason


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